Monday, April 14, 2014

My New Color Station

I am so excited to share this! I have been really unhappy with my color pencil and marker storage situation. I had them all in different containers and it was so hard to find anything. So when I would sit down to color my digi’s there would be containers all over the place. What a mess!
Well this past week Michael’s had their Recollections Craft Storage on sale for 60% off. I couldn’t pass that up.
My Album 1-001
The Marker Storage Organizer is awesome! It holds all my color pencils and markers. It has two small drawers to store all my other goodies. The top piece of the unit is removable which is great if I want to take my pencils and color somewhere else besides my craft table.
The Cube with Magazine Holder holds all my watercolor supplies. The magazine holder next to the cube actually came inside the cube but I decided to take it out for extra storage. It works great for all my printed digi stamps.
Both pieces cost me a whooping $26. I had my eye on these for so long. I’m so glad I waited for the sale.
The Marker Storage Organizer was regularly $44.99 and on sale for $17.99. The Cube with Magazine Holder was regularly $19.99 and on sale for $7.99. I would have been crazy to pass that up right?
I am so happy with this. I have everything in spot now. Woohoo!
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