Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Do you Polyvore?

Here's a great website for those who love fashion. It's called Polyvore. What is Polyvore you ask? This is an explanation from the Polyvore website.

"Polyvore is the web's largest community of tastemakers where people can discover their style and set trends around the world. Trendseekers and shoppers alike come to Polyvore to discover the hottest brands, products, trends and looks.
Polyvore's easy-to-use virtual styling tool lets you mix and match products from any online store to create fashion collections called "sets".
After you have created a set, you can publish and share it with your friends and the Polyvore community."

I love this website. I haven't made a set yet but have seen amazing sets made by members. Here's one of today's featured sets.

Great Gatsby: New Film in the Works

Head on over to www.Polyvore.com to make your own sets. You'll be hooked in no time.

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Monday, October 3, 2011

Update on Heidi

Thank you everyone who emailed me about my doggie Heidi. I really appreciate everyone's kind words and encouragement. Heidi had her surgery last week and it has been a very hectic week. I never thought it would be so hard to take care of a pet after surgery. The first couple of days was so stressful. She was up all night wanting to take her cone off and she kept giving me those sad puppy dog eyes. It was so heartbreaking! Finally on the third night I had her sleep on the bed with me and she slept almost the whole night. Thank goodness. Mama was getting cranky. She is more herself now and is back to her usual playfulness. She has to wear her cone for two more weeks but she has really gotten the hang of it. She doesn't get stuck under the bed anymore. Crazy pup! She's 8 years old but she's still my puppy. Thank you again for all your kind words.

                                                            First day home after surgery.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

So Angry and Frustrated!

For the past two years I've been searching for a good vet for my dog. She has a bump on her right eyelid and it's getting really big. So far the vet's I have taken her to have been rude and accuse me of not taking care of my dog. The last vet wanted to pop the bump without any pain medication. When I told the vet that I wasn't going to let him do that without any pain relief he tells me if my dog goes blind it will be my fault. He then goes to tell me how upset he gets when dog owners don't take care of their dogs. I stormed out of there and the search was on again for a good vet.
Well Friday I took her to a very recommended vet. The reviews were nothing but praise. I took her in and they were as nice and understanding as can be. I was so happy. The vet decided the bump had to be removed, even though it doesn't seem to bother my poor doggie. So I made the appointment for the surgery. They gave us instructions for pre-op, no food after 9pm and to drop her off between 7:30am and 8:30am. We let them know that my daughter had a dr's appointment at 4pm and they told us no problem that we can pick up Heidi(dog) at 2:30. We made sure to tell them twice so they wouldn't forget. Well 1:30 came around and no phone call from the vet. I gave them a call and the vet tells me she was really behind and she hasn't gotten to Heidi yet. I reminded her about my daughters appointment and she tells me she didn't know about it but that Heidi was next and I can bring her home at 5:30. She also told me I can leave her overnight if I had too. I told her Heidi is a pound baby and I did not want to do that to her. I went to pick her up at 5:30 and to my horror they hadn't done the surgery because they said I told them I will pick her up in the morning. What! So I told them to forget the whole thing I'm taking my dog home. The vet takes me to the back and there's my poor Heidi knocked out because they were just going to begin the surgery. I told them I'll wait for her to wake up but I'm taking her home.
My poor Heidi was locked up all day with no food and probably wondering what she did wrong. After I got her home she was a nervous wreck and even now she walks by me with caution. She seems so scared now. I'm sure if that were their dog they would not be happy. They traumatized my dog and I'm sitting here crying because my once happy, bouncing dog is now so sad and scared. I hope this will pass with time but for now I have to do my best to keep her as comfortable as possible.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Tutorial Requests

Hi everyone. I've been getting a few emails asking when I'm going to make another tutorial for Youtube. I can't believe it's been almost a year since I've made one. Where does the time go? I have no idea what kind of tutorial I should do next, so I decided that you the viewers should pick the next tutorial. I will pick the most requested first unless I don't know how to make the item. Tutorials don't have to be about paper, it can be sewing as well. So let me know what you all want and I will do my best to oblige. TTFN!


Monday, August 29, 2011

Still Here

I've had a few emails asking "Where did you go?' so I wanted to do a quick update. I'm still here. I'm in the process of getting my fictitious business name and it's taking a bit longer than I thought. I will re-open my shop as soon as that goes through.
On another note. My a/c unit died Thursday night and me and my family have been sweating it out all weekend long. Today will be the 4th day without a/c. Did I mention it was over 100 degrees all weekend long and again today? I guess we'll have to eat out again cause I ain't cooking in this heat.
So hopefully we'll get the new a/c unit installed this week and re-open my shop this week or next week. I'm looking forward to the a/c more than anything right now.
Have an awesome day!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Cardmakers Needed

Robyn at My Pink Stamper posted on her blog today about creating cards for a breast cancer survivor breakfast. Basically the cards will be handed out to survivors and women going though cancer.  If you make cards and would like to help please visit her blog for more information.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

My Shop Is Closing

It's Official. Because of California and County laws and regulations my shop will be closing it's doors. In order to sell in California whether it be online or an actual store you need to collect sales tax. In order to that you have to have a seller's permit and pay the California State Board of Equalization for the sales tax that you have collected. Now the seller's permit is free but you have to apply for a seller's permit in the county that you're selling in. That's where things get complicated. I was told that the county needs me to apply for a business license and to file a fictitious business name statement which is my shop name. After I file a fictitious business name statement I have to publish it in the newspaper once a week for 4 weeks. This is going to cost way too much for something that was meant to be a hobby and fun. I don't make much sales so it wouldn't be worth it for me to keep my shop open.

I am going to keep my blog, Facebook and Twitter open. I'm hoping to make more tutorials and share projects that I'm working on. As my daughter put it, closing my shop could be a good thing. I can have more fun crafting now instead of worrying about things I have to make for my shop. I did stress out a lot if an item didn't come out perfect. Now I can relax.

I want to thank everyone who has supported me and have bought items from me. I have made so many online friends and I hope we can still keep in touch. Thanks again. God bless you all.

Laura Tiffany

Friday, August 5, 2011

Lion Money Holder

Here's a quick share for you. My mom needed a card for a birthday party she was going to and asked if I had anything that money will fit into. I didn't have anything but I really wanted to use my Cricut since it's been sitting there all lonely for a while. I used the lion from The Create A Critter cartridge and pattern paper from DCWV Animal Crackers 8x8 pack. Isn't he cute? This was such a fun card to make. I think I'll make more for different occasions.

Sorry about the picture quality. I had to hurry before my mom left and I only had my cell phone.